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Nephron NEWS-Sep.21.2010

Issue 7,2010  [September, 2010] I strongly encourage the readers of Nephron Digest to engage in a dialogue by emailing me to discuss issues of global nephrological interest. These would be addressed by expert members of the editorial board of Nephron. Also readers are encouraged to request topics that they would like to be updated upon through the Mini Review series of Nephron Clinical Practice. Professor Meguid El Nahas, PhD, FRCP Editor, Nephron Clinical Practice nephron@sheffield.ac.uk m.el-nahas@sheffield.ac.uk Digest of issue 116/4/2010 Hypertension: Detection and Management in South Africa (B. Rayner, South Africa; Nephron Clin Pract 2010;116:c269-c273). This mini review comprehensively discusses issues related to the detection/management of hypertension (HTN) in South Africa. It has been argued that in Africa, the best cure for HTN is prevention. In this context, Rayner singles out reduction in salt intake. A recent publication on the burden of HTN in rural su...